Gingerbread from Milovy

Back then...

Do you remember the time you first smelled cinnamon and gingerbread? When you first felt that warm feeling around your heart, when you were so easy, satisfied and happy? Close your eyes and let your mind wonder. Where will it go? To your childhood? To Christmas time - you are looking forward to your surprise under the tree? Or to the fair - on every corner there is a new adventure waiting for you and you are holding a gingerbread heart in your hands? To Easter time - you are giving a lovely fragrant gingerbread message to somebody dear?

That fragrance means love, home, warming arms of our mums and grand-mums. It expresses honest work, a beautifully smelling kitchen, surprise and our common joy when decorating.

That fragrance means the happiness of being together.

Bring back the magic!

Magic feelings of happiness do not have to be a single memory. Bring them back again and again. Stop during the day, make a cup of coffee or tea and add a couple of quiet minutes.

Give love. Say "I love you". To your parents, children, friends. To everybody you care for. Give them a chance to remember the most beautiful moments and to live them again and again.

As our grandmas made it...

We knead dough early in the morning and we create. We think of all of you. We think of what your day will be like, what smiles we bring on your face. How much good news you tell each other with our gingerbread in your hands. How much love we bring. 

We tell stories and we decorate gingerbread cookies. We use local ingredients of the best quality and our hands. The rest is on our stove. We paint and decorate in the evening and we think of new patterns and decorations. But we are still true to the tradition of our old recipe which can be traced back to the 14th century in our region. We add our home made mixture of spices and decorate with real almond marzipan. 

Each of you is unique. Each of you deserves to know what is the magic of gingerbread cookies from Milovy.