The story of flavouring beauty

My name is Petra. I'm the mum of two wonderful boys. I ran away from the big world of business and English back home, to the countryside of hills and beautiful nature. To the countryside full of tradition, of writers, painters, sculptors and loads of fair, skilled craftsmen. All of them are my inspiration. And my boys are my driving engine. We are really busy every day. We get up early every morning, roll up our sleeves and get to work. We go to bed tired every evening and we look forward to the next day.

The beauty which is created under our hands and which makes us happy is the substance of our work. We are proud you like it. We are grateful to come back to routs of our granddads and grand-mums. With respect we continue the tradition of women crafts, the production of country small producers and artists from the Hihglands who made their way to the whole of Europe and world.

Thank you all who visited our website. We are happy to answer your questions and make for you unforgettable, craft and high quality goodness.

Petra and boys