For everybody and for every occassion

Gift cookies

Gift cookies

Packed individually or carefully assembled in a box with a transparent top. Big hearts and little hearts, horses, birds and flowers. Classic nostalgic shapes supported by soft coloured marzipan or by sugar icing. Decorated with traditional motives of local lace.

Give a present from your heart. To your parents, friends, colleagues, business partners. To all you care for. 

For coffee shops and restaurants

Gingerbread cookies of small shapes to put on the coffee saucer. Or any other that bring atmosphere and a great reputation to your cafe, wine shop or restaurant. We tailor the cookies design to your company culture, we bake your slogan or your mascot. We decorate the interior with our gingerbread cookies. With taste and still traditionally. Any idea is a challenge to us. Have a wish and make a solution.

Make a visit of  your restaurant a very special experience. 

Gingerbread cookies to your wish

A family party, celebration, barbecue, meeting your dear ones, wedding? Decorate your table with our cookies. Prepare cookie package gifts for your visitors. Wish for special shapes, various cookie messages. We transfer them into sweet and fragrant form. In a modern way but still traditionally and with good taste. 

We bake all gingerbread panoramas, birthday specials. The advent time calls for traditional gingerbread cookies and decorations. 

Just a little detail can change your celebration into an unforgettable experience...